What type of pet is best for your kid?

Taking the decision to bring a pet for your child is good, your child would benefit a lot from having and caring of a pet, he would learn responsibility, and gain self-esteem, along with many other benefits.


Choosing a pet for your child could be confusing, as it is a decision that depends on many factors, including your child personality, and the pet`s type, the place you live in, and the amount of time you are willing to devote for your pet care.



  • Your kid`s age:

If you are buying a pet for the first time to you child, you ought to consider what is proper for his age, if you have a young child; then you ought to bring him a familiar / friendly pet that is easy to care about, and also you must keep in mind to supervise your child`s care for his pet, by providing him proper methods and the right information on the pet.

  • The child`s own decision and personality:

Don`t just buy a pet as a surprising gift for your child! Unless you know exactly what he likes and what is proper for him, let your child participate in the pet`s choosing decision, that is important thing to consider, to prevent any later undesired consequences which can ruin the future relation between your child and his own pet.

  • Recommended types:

It is time to buy a good pet for your kid, so there are many types to consider, and we will help you by giving you these recommendations:

  • Best dogs breeds for kids:

For a young child; a dog is not so recommended, unless you are willing to give him a good amount of your time to supervise and take care of it yourself, but on the same time there are some dog breeds who are very friendly with children such as:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, cocker spaniels, and Labradors.

  • Best cats breeds for kids:

Cats are so friendly, but not just any kind of cats would go along with your young child, a Briman is a good choice, also a Persian cat is so calm and likes to be cuddled a lot, but though it requires a lot of care.

  • Best bird breeds for kids:

Some Birds are not suitable for young children, if your child`s age is 10 or more, you can choose a canaries` bird for him / her, also a small Parrot will do.

  • Best fish types for children:

A golden fish is the right solution for your kid, although it requires a lot of attention, but it will teach your child the sense of responsibility very much.

  • Turtles, Guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits:

For a first pet; those types are considered the best types ever, turtles are calm and require simple environment, and can last longer in age.

Guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits require small cages, proper cleaning, and simple foods, they are simple pets which require much less efforts than other types of pets.