Vacation with pets: good or bad idea?

When a bond is created between a pet and his owner, it became something special in both of their lives, but although everything in life has got its pros and cons.


A pet can be so attached to his owner, that could lead to a negative result on the pet`s mental health, when the owner stays away from it for a long period, and that would happen when the owner travels.

So before taking a decision to leave your pet while you travel, it is essential to think in 2 major facts:

  • Your relation`s type with your pet and the travel`s impact on it.
  • Your pet`s type and its ability to travel with you.

Considering the second fact; we have gathered for you some important factors to keep you informed about preparing arrangements if you want to have your pet on your vacation.

  • Consult your veterinary about travel arrangements:

Before you decide to take your pet anywhere; you ought to consult your veterinary, in case of your pet requires some vaccinations to prevent the infection of possible diseases.

A proper check-up on the animal`s health to make sure everything goes well is important.

Making a pre-caution list of medicine, in case of your pet got sick abroad.

Also the veterinary has more information about the physical needs of the animal, so some proper arrangements on diet and medicine; will save you many troubles while travelling.

  • Vacation`s place environment:

Not every place is suitable for all kinds of pets, for example if you are travelling to a foreign country; some countries would not allow the existence of certain types of animals on its region, so you ought to check the country`s policies first.

Also, several types of animals cannot adapt easily to some certain weathers, especially if your pet originally comes from a cold region, and you are willing to travel to a hot region.

  • The functionality of the ID Microchip:

You ought to consider the possibility that your pet can get lost, if you don`t have an ID microchip in your pet, then it is time to have one, and you must know how it is operated, and check of its functionality as well.

Finally, think it wisely before taking your pet with you on a vacation, if you think for a moment that you cannot endure and take good care of your pet while travelling, then it is wise to leave him at home.

Also, a family member or a close friend can handle the animal as well, but you ought to keep in mind that it is proper to leave the animal with a familiar person, who knows how to treat him as well.

Reserving a place in an Animal home center or an Animal shelter also is a good idea, those kinds of places can take good care of your pet, especially some of these places would provide a good accommodation for the animal, and it would be considered as a good vacation for the animal too!